This report on portuguese TV, gives a “sniff” of what Pictury Photo Tours can offer, not only in the city of Porto, but in any destination in Portugal.

From 1/2 day to 1 day photo tours in Porto, or 1 day photo tours in nearby destinations, but, even better, a Custom Made Photo Tour wherever you want in Portugal.

Ria de Aveiro lagoon, the cities of Braga and Guimarães, the Peneda-Gerês National Park, or even the Magic Village of Drave (see video) currently uninhabited and perhaps because of this, wrapped in a mystique that envelops us as soon as we get there. And so many others pearls to be found in the meatime.

Portugal is waiting for us!


In 2019, the charming city of Porto continued to deserve our special attention with dozens of day and night tours with guests from around the world.

But this year also allowed to travel to other destinations also in Portugal. Lisbon, Sintra, Obidos, Coimbra, Aveiro and the Douro Valley to name a few.

Was an opportunity to meet wonderful people and many national and international partnerships that further enriched our experience.

We are sure that by 2020 we will  discover others and exciting destinations in Portugal, continue to receive fantastic people and will further strengthen partnerships with other outstanding photographers. I sincerely hope you are one of them.

Portugal & Porto Travel Photography are the most amazing places in the world to visit.

Best wishes for a fantastic 2020!

Portugal Tour Picture


























Nothing better to start 2019 than to take off from one of the most fantastic (there are several) viewpoints of this charming city of Porto. And to do so early in the morning, sometimes still with fog over the Douro River that dissipates throughout the morning and reveals fantastic views of the entire historical center, UNESCO World Heritage Site, with particular emphasis on the cathedral, the famous Luis I bridge and the imposing Serra do Pilar.

Portugal-Porto-Photo Tours

The colors of spring in Porto are fantastic and an opportunity to further enrich any and every photo experience in this unique city.

Portugal Tour Picture

In May, we were invited to photograph a student’s event in the beautiful city of Coimbra. A diferent and unique experience that no one will forget.


One of the most stunning place in Portugal is with no doubt Ria de Aveiro. Catch the light of the sunrise or sunset in an experience that no photographer want miss.


A stunning surprise is the Válega church, full of painted tiles inside and outside, not far away from Porto city.

Douro Valley vineyards in Autumn. Just after the harvest, nature give us a outstanding festival of colors. Douro Valley travel photography. You can’t miss it.


In Porto, everyday is a day to celebrate.

Happy New Year 2020

Scott’s Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2019
It is already on October 5 that will be held in Porto, the PORTO CAN’T MISS IT Worldwide Photowalk, organized and led by the portuguese photographer José Manuel Santos.
This Photowalk is FREE but you must register here because the number of places is limited.
It is included in the 12th edition of what is the largest event of its kind in the world and is held every first Saturday in October.
Sign up and join the group that will (re) discover the city of Porto in a route almost unknown and explored, but full of moments to get beautiful images.
Take lots of pictures, have fun, compete for the best photo of the event, and who knows, be among the 10 best photos of all the events that will be chosen by Scott Kelby himself.

More information here

See you there!

José Manuel Santos

10 Tips To Help You Travel Together Without Killing Each Other

Susan Portnoy
I invite you to take a look to this very interesting and useful article by the stunning travel photographer Susan Portnoy in her website The Insatiable Traveler, and take the opportunity to delight with Susan’s photos and follow on her must-see photography trips around the world. 

Especially dedicated to traveling with family, this article from my friend Eric Stoen, also a fantastic photographer, on his popular blog Travel Babbo is fantastic. I hope to see Porto and Portugal soon in his list, because I am sure he and his family will love it.
Good Travels!

What my dearest friend and famous photographer Trey Ratcliff says about Porto… (and Pictury Photo Tours!)

Last year, our 80 Stays tour around the world took us to beautiful Porto, Portugal! My friend Jose took us all around…

Publicado por Trey Ratcliff em Quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2018

Pictury Photo Tours is crossing borders in the company of my friends Ugo Cei from Italy and Ralph Velasco from the USA, great photographers and Photo Tour international leaders who have been kind enough to interview me recently.
You can listen below and follow us at

TTIM 126 – José Manuel Santos in Porto

Primeiro Passeio Fotográfico da Pictury Photo Tours
First Pictury Photo Tours photowalk in Porto, Portugal

So says Sérgio Godinho’s song, singer-songwriter of Porto that I admire. Music is part of our lives, has an extraordinary effect on the awakening of emotions and the words sung in Portuguese are blessed.

Today I write with a peace and a feeling that from now everything will go well. It feels so good …

Yesterday we officially inaugurated Pictury Photo Tours, joining a group of friends for a small photo tour through Porto, that city of cobbled, narrow and old alleyways that is always there for us and we feel how much it likes to be shared. We start at Virtudes Garden, always different in each visit, but where we feel always free.

Next stop, the Church of S. Pedro de Miragaia, with its magnificent altarpiece, beautiful! We were greeted by D Zulmira, whom I thank for the generosity and sympathy with which she made known to us the whole filling of this church that is well worth the visit.

Now let’s all be (when I say everyone is really everyone, because me and our children did not know what was going to happen, everything was prepared by my husband) surprised (always liked to surprise and did not lose the way …) by our guide. We have a 5D movie session about Porto that I highly recommend. It’s a different and fun way to see Porto.

The ride is almost over. We are going to walk along a narrow street that ends in a staircase leading to a small square where there are only 3 doors, we have to go back. Very curious and unusual.

A wonderful dinner is waiting for us at Espiga, which is a really nice space with a concern to promote cultural initiatives that for me are important to the city and where we eat well.

We finished the day with the presentation of a beautiful video (I know I’m suspicious, but I really like it) with compliments from renowed international photographers who know about my husband’s work. Thank you all.

Finally, I want to thank all those who were present and those that can’t but are “cheering” for us since the beginning

I still want to say that, despite giving a lot of work, it has been a pleasure for me to collaborate in this project that, even though it is not mine, has all my love. I will always be willing to welcome you with my biggest smile.

Until forever.

Maria José Dias


Once upon a time… get ready; I will try to tell our story of many years traveling around the country, one that was once so deep that no one could be seen. Now, it remains isolated, but despite everything, more known and accessible.

I hope you like it because this cannot be done in a few words, we spent too many years, just the two of us.

Let’s start then… We usually say, “Do you remember when we were little, and we went to Pena village?” Yes, in fact, we were two youngsters, and one of our biggest pleasures was to travel around the  country, getting to know it, so that we could celebrate it, as we did in these amazing and unforgettable guides “The most beautiful villages in Portugal” and “Time and the Soul.”

We ran across Portugal, even though we knew that once we got there, there would be no one with us, just walking around, and even the places to see were very few, always with such rich and poor “stories,” harsh stories, but always told with sweet smiles on exhausted faces.

They talked to us with a generosity that is so Portuguese, so real, so ours. They showed us their treasures, which were their cows, sheep, goats, and dogs; always the dogs, because these apparently rude people have a very strong bond with their animals, which is reciprocated.

It is very hard for a city person to realize that that villager who doesn’t know how to read or write knows all their sheep, and that all of them have a name (they are all the same to me…+ reading is not enough).

A legend is told in this village that seems very peculiar to me and I want to tell you. Pena is close to S. Pedro do Sul (Beira Alta), in a “hole,” and the access road is made of dirt. Imagine how hard it is to get there. But there is a narrow canyon that could only be crossed by foot, which is really dangerous, but that connected them to a nearby village more quickly.

In this other village, there was a cemetery (Pena is so small they don’t have their own cemetery). So the legend says that one day, one of their few inhabitants died, and their friends decided to carry the coffin through the canyon. But they lost balance and fell, and of course, they died.

As of this day, the canyon was known as “the canyon of the dead man who killed the living.” Despite its name, it is worth visiting it, very carefully. The view is amazing. Time to come back home after another busy day, Porto awaits us. The return was always through the top floor of the Luis I bridge (even though that is not the fastest way home), because the “S. Joanina waterfall” is always different and unforgettable.


   Maria José Dias

Pictury Photo Tours