The comfort of our guests is an absolute priority. 3 or 4 star hotels with central location, or alternatively with quick and easy access to the city center.


This is not the main purpose and motivation of the tours. We want to make the most of the time available to get to know the places and destinations, and photograph them in the best way possible at any moment. However, we will always be available to help everyone make the most of the images they are getting. If, for example, weather conditions are not favorable for walking, we can alternatively suggest an appreciation and sharing of the images obtained and learn from it. It’s always a good time to learn … and teach!

Any type of camera or mobile phone. As long as it captures images, it’s ok.

The most important thing is to come, enjoy the tour and get the best pictures to build your photo story. A tripod for night photography will be useful. It is very important to bring with you available space to store the images.

Cards (various), a portable external disk, or even a laptop, can help you save your work, view, and work on it. We will always bring with us a portable WD and / or laptop for any
eventuality. (remember, we are at “home” and you are our guest!)


Portugal has one of the best health systems in the world. Here your are always in good hands and will be properly dealt with. Do not forget to bring your travel insurance.

Meals and Food

Contact us and let us know the conditions that need to be ensured in advance so that everything goes well.

In the 8-day tours and city-break, breakfasts are included with the accommodation, all lunches are included, and some dinners (see conditions of each). Drinks are not included. On the ½, 1 day and weekend, meals are not included.


We strongly recommend that you have a travel insurance policy that provides for the cancellation of our refunds deadlines. See our Terms and Conditions for each tour.

It depends on the type of tour (see conditions of each one). There is usually a first payment at the time of booking and the remainder closest to the date of the tour at the time of confirmation. For tours of ½ and 1 day full payment is made when the reservation is made.

Questions and Preparation

No. We will try to put the programs into practice for better organization and
fluidity, but we are open to adaptations and adjustments. If the participants want, we can even improvise for more excitement. We are Portuguese and we are in our country. We all received you as if you were already our friends. If it is possible, we do it for you.

The well-being, accompaniment and support of the participants. If opportunity arises we will also do photography, but what we want to ensure above all is that participants get the most out of the experience with our permanent willingness to help. We want each one to bring with them their best story to tell and remember.

Depends on the type of tour. See the specific terms and conditions for each
type of tour. If you have any questions, you can and should contact us so we can clarify it.

Portugal is a European country with one of the best communications coverage, so communication needs will be easy to handle and manage.

Contact us. We will be happy to provide you with all the clarifications.

The sooner the better. It is the best way to secure your reservation.
Each type of tour has its defined reservation deadlines (see conditions of each one). But, but since the tours are for few people because we want to ensure a VIP treatment for each participant, available seats can be sold quickly. If this happens, we will create a wait list in case there is any last-minute withdrawal.

Resist temptations and bring the essentials. A suitcase and a bag for essential equipment. Keep in mind that we are going to walk a lot and therefore we have to manage well the weight we carry.

You will always be housed in the same hotel during the stay which makes it more peaceful and rested.

No of course not. Everyone is welcome, even if they do not bring a camera
(there is always a mobile phone nearby). Maybe, who knows, they even enjoy photography even more. Our concern is to provide an environment in which all those who participate in the tours take with them the memory of unforgettable moments. We want to make friends with all those who join us.

Any weather condition offers good (often unique) opportunities for shooting. But with appropriate equipment and the necessary care to take advantage of each moment we will adapt the tour in the best way to the circumstances.

Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, it should always be comfortable clothing, preferably used in layers to be better prepared for temperature fluctuations. Portugal is a country with a temperate climate. Good walking shoes are essential regardless of weather conditions.


On 8-day tours, city-breaks and weekends, the beginning is always at the
hotel where clientes are staying.
On excursions of ½ and one day, in the place provided in the program.
In custom and thematic tours, it will be according to what is arranged for
each one.

No. If you feel like knowing and photographing Portugal, as we do, contact us and we combine the accomplishment of a tour customized and tailored to your tastes and interests. Portugal is a pearl to be discovered. Come with us.

We think you should always rest after the trip to Porto, so from the second day on, you will be in a better position to take part in ½ ,1 day and weekend tours. The degree of physical demand is not great, but we will always be careful to take care of your well being, so we will not hesitate to make tours adjustments if this is justified.

On multi-day tours, there are times when each one has time for himself or
even if he/she prefers not to accompany the group in some planned
initiative. For example, stay at the hotel resting when an exit is scheduled to
watch the sunrise. It is very important to do everything to meet the schedules that have been
previously established so that everything runs for the best.

Each type of tour has its degree of difficulty (see conditions). However, it is usually low or medium, to allow a pleasant and relaxed accompaniment and contribute that each one takes the best of each moment. But, bear in mind that we are going to stroll along narrow and irregular streets, with ascents and descents, and some stairs, as well as by slopes and high belvederes. But all this is worth it.

For people of all ages. Under 18 years of age accompanied by adults who will have to take responsibility for them.

The number of people depends on the type of tour. We always have the special concern to define a maximum of participants that allows a personalized and very close follow-up of each one.

  • On the 8-day tours, the minimum is 4 and the maximum is 8 people.
  • In the City Break tours, the minimum is 3 and the maximum of 6 people.
  • On weekend trips, the minimum is 2 and the maximum is 4 people.
  • For tours of ½ and 1 day the minimum is 1 and the maximum of 4 people.

None, little, enough, good, very good. It’s the one you have. It is mainly an experience that is intended to be unique to everyone who participates in it. You will always have the support and involvement of the leader, a photographer himself, to get your best pictures.

We have several kind of tours, always in Portugal.

  • 8 days/7 nights tour in Porto city, Douro Valley and north of Portugal (Braga and Guimarães citys).
  • A City Break tour of 4 four days/3 nights in Porto city and surroundings of this city.
  • Weekend tour in Porto city.
  • ½ day and full day in Porto city, historical center, or, thematic tour in the city.
  • Custom trips and tours.

Transportation and Travels

We strongly encourage you to have a travel insurance to protect you and your travel investment.
Portugal is one of the most peaceful and safe countries in the world, but it is always wise to prevent with insurance that covers all the risks of those who travel. And, do not forget to include your equipment. We can suggest World Nomads travel insurance. There is always a solution for you.

No. The cost of flights and transportation to the hotel or to the airport are
not provided and are the sole responsibility of each. Airlines use many different types of aircraft and offer all kinds of seat configurations and onboard services. We recommend consulting for the most up-to- date information on the aircraft most airlines are using – or by visiting the airline website.