PORTO… a Strong Feeling!

And… in the end, that big group of photography lovers, some who repeated, some friends, but mostly strangers gave a round of applause. Worth it!


Jardins Nova Sintra

Thank you all for your company, good mood and for being so genuine in your thanks, my husband deserves it.

We start the photowalk in Jardins de Nova Sintra that is a pearl, one of those pure and little known in our city. Worth the visit. I am sure many will return there to enjoy it with a deserved relax visit. Then we went to the cemetery where many of the illustrious people “rest” and where there are some of the most beautiful graves in the country, true works of art.


We will then walk through the steep old streets that lead us to the Fontainhas neighborhood, where you can feel the soul, the smells and the genuine people of Porto. Here it seems that the city has stopped a little in time and how good it feels!

We go down the Guindais stairs and the movement lifts, we are in the Luis I bridge lower deck where all the tourists are concentrated. It is worth to appreciate some shining eyes, these are welcome.



We are almost discovering the surprise of the afternoon. After crossing the bridge, we turn left towards the Senhor do Além chapel. This place is magical, old, damaged, but so beautiful. The location is unique, for those who love this city is a real blessing, the river, the light that is always beautiful, the view… and most surprising, its “guardians”, a human and a dog.

Mr. Alberto and Rox live in this falling chapel in miserable conditions and yet this man gives us a smile and his aching look is so sweet. I felt small and very grateful. After taking a deep breath, we leave with the certainty that we will have to help.

Our tour is almost over, I don’t know if it was just an impression, but I felt the speed of the strides slowed, I don’t think anyone wanted it to end.


As I started at the end, I’ll just talk about the place that has one of the most beautiful views of the city, Jardim do Morro garden.

Thank you for coming, for enjoying and for cheering so genuinely.

To you, my love, I thank you every day for being as you are.

Thank You,

Maria José Dias

Scott’s Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2019
It is already on October 5 that will be held in Porto, the PORTO CAN’T MISS IT Worldwide Photowalk, organized and led by the portuguese photographer José Manuel Santos.
This Photowalk is FREE but you must register here because the number of places is limited.
It is included in the 12th edition of what is the largest event of its kind in the world and is held every first Saturday in October.
Sign up and join the group that will (re) discover the city of Porto in a route almost unknown and explored, but full of moments to get beautiful images.
Take lots of pictures, have fun, compete for the best photo of the event, and who knows, be among the 10 best photos of all the events that will be chosen by Scott Kelby himself.

More information here

See you there!

                                José Manuel Santos

The popular feasts of S. João are arriving to Porto on June 24.
It is a unique opportunity to live an exceptional day with photographs of unique moments of celebration and fun having as one of the highest moments the fireworks from the river Douro and the bridge Luis I.

It was a big success the first Harry’s Fisch (from Nomad Photo Expedition) trip to Portugal.

Harry invited me to organize his first trip to Portugal that took us to Lisbon – a big thank you to Miguel Helfrich from Lisbon Photo for helping me to prepare this part of the trip – Sintra, Óbidos, Coimbra and Porto, on a memorable trip that allowed us to get to know unique and iconic places, taste the portuguese grastronomy and to experience extraordinary moments like being welcomed by a students Tuna in Coimbra or dine a delicious meal at the home of a typical Porto family and even make a private visit to the fantastic S. João’s National theater of  in Porto with total freedom to photograph it. Moments to remember.

10 Tips To Help You Travel Together Without Killing Each Other

Susan Portnoy
I invite you to take a look to this very interesting and useful article by the stunning travel photographer Susan Portnoy in her website The Insatiable Traveler, and take the opportunity to delight with Susan’s photos and follow on her must-see photography trips around the world. 

Harry Fisch scouting in Porto


I was invited by the spanish travel photographer Harry Fisch, to help him to build the extension to Portugal of his first – SPAIN – From an insider’s point of view. A Very. Special. Trip – a Nomad Photo Expedition organization in April and May 2019.

This two events are almost full, by if you’re interested to know this two stunning countrys by the hand of such marvelous and experienced travel photographer, visit their website fast.

Good photo travels!


José Manuel

Especially dedicated to traveling with family, this article from my friend Eric Stoen, also a fantastic photographer, on his popular blog Travel Babbo is fantastic. I hope to see Porto and Portugal soon in his list, because I am sure he and his family will love it.
Good Travels!

Ryan, a nice young South Korean guy, had a dream and came to Portugal to realize it. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend Jolly with a surprise wedding proposal in a unique place in the world and chose Porto to do so. But, because he did not know the city yet, he needed help, so he contacted Pictury Photo Tours to arrange a photo tour that would culminate in the wedding proposal. It was then that José Manuel entered the scene and became an accomplice of this surprise, proposing to Ryan an itinerary that did not raise suspicions and ended in the idyllic Serra do Pilar, iconic viewpoint over the city of Porto and its river. The rest is history … on video!

Solidarity Photo Tour in Porto with Operação Nariz Vermelho.

Join us in this solidarity event in this charming city with José Manuel Santos as Photo Tour Líder.

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