Among Vines and Vineyards

A Photo Journey to the Heart of Douro Valley


The Douro Valley region possesses a truly unique set of characteristics, capable of providing memorable experiences and attracting the attention of thousands of visitors throughout the year. Inhabited for over 20,000 years, since the Roman era, it stands out for its wine production, making it the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Pictury Photo Tours organizes photographic tours in northern Portugal and seeks to reveal the hidden charms of the Douro Valley to visitors through a rich and personalized itinerary, adapted to the motivations and personal preferences of each client.


With Corks and Rhymes

Fonte do Milho farm

The Poem of Douro Wines On a magical day that has become a memory, we embarked on a journey through the Douro that exceeded expectations. Departing from the vibrant city of Porto with the promise of experiencing unique moments, combining beauty, history, wines, and gastronomy. The first stop was at Quinta da Fonte do Milho in Sabrosa.

There, amidst vineyards that stretched as far as the eye could see, we immersed ourselves in a tasting experience that was more than a simple wine tasting. Beyond the history and winemaking tradition that characterize these lands, we were able to witness the odyssey of aromas and flavors that make the wines of this region true masterpieces.

Wine tasting


From the Land to the Table – A Feast at Quinta de La Rosa


We continued to Quinta de La Rosa, where culinary refinement blends with the panoramic view of the Douro. We enjoyed a gourmet lunch, combining fresh local ingredients with an absolutely stunning landscape. Each dish is a culinary work of art, carefully prepared to provide a unique gastronomic experience.


National Road 222: Landscapes that Tell Stories

Douro River

In the afternoon, we traveled along the iconic National Road No. 222, which runs through the entire northern interior of Portugal to the Spanish border near Almendra. Thanks to its winding curves along the Douro River, it is considered the most beautiful road in Portugal. A stage for endless photographic opportunities, it is a true visual poem that combines the river, terraced vineyards, and traditional houses.


The Spectacle of the End of the Day

Douro Valley sunset

Sunset in São Leonardo da Galafura

The highlight of our tour was reserved for the end of the day at the viewpoint of São Leonardo da Galafura. There, where time seems to slow down, we were treated to a spectacle of nature: the warm colors of twilight reflected in the river, creating an exceptional palette of tones, worthy of recording and admiration.


José with Arie, Cheryl, Scott & Marilyn

Indeed, this day, which began as a promise in Porto, turned into an unforgettable journey. The photographs captured moments, but the emotions experienced during this tour will stay with us as an eternal reminder of the splendor of the Douro.