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National Geo, Wine Spector, Award-winning Photographer

Bob Holmes


Bob Holmes

Artist, Writer, Public Speaker, Award-winning photographer

Trey Ratcliff


“I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Jose in his hometown of Porto. He knows his town inside and out, and, even better, he knows it as a photographer. He sees and knows things that other people don’t, and I can’t wait to go back!” (see video)

National Geographic /Time Magazine, Award-winning photographer

John Stanmeyer


“Having working and know José Manuel, his passion and love for storytelling, his workshops are not to be missed, as he promotes in each one of us a unique way of photographing”.

Professional Advertising & Editorial Photographer

Trace Aiken


“I have had the great pleasure to come to know José for over four years, and in that time I have seen his work as a photographer grow into a unique vision of both people and places. His personal qualities of charm, wit, and openness shine through his images. A chance assignment I gave to him to document “A Day in the Life” of his beloved city of Porto led to a wonderful exploration and a passionate commitment from José to share his city and his skills, knowledge and hospitality with the world. I truly hope you will join him!”

Photo Enrichment Adventures Founder & Director

Ralph Velasco


“I’ve worked with José Manuel over the past year or so and have photographed with him in Portugal, and in and around Porto, specifically.  I was very impressed with how he was able to get me in to meet and provide once-in- a-lifetime cultural interactions with the locals, ones I’d never have been able to create on my own.  He was great at introducing me to fishermen and women, business people, craftspeople and restaurant owners in and around Porto, too, and I was able to create some very nice images simply because of his ability to approach and communicate with the Portuguese people, and the contacts he had and created on the spot.  Additionally, we went to some great restaurants where José Manuel taught me about the amazing food and wine in this region of Portugal.  If you’re looking for a person with local knowledge, someone who can put you in the right place at the right time, with the right contacts and cultural knowledge, then José Manuel is the right choice for you.” (see video)

Award-winning photographer and photojournalist

Cradoc Bagshaw


“José was one of the first people I met when I came to Porto. He has a great photographic eye and he knows this city’s special and hidden places. He showed me things about Porto I might never have discovered on my own. His knowledge let me spend my time photographing rather than searching.
Thank you José.”

National Geographic Photographer & Traveller

António Sá


“Commitment and perseverance are essential characteristics for any photographer who aspires excellent results. Sometimes this implies jumping from stone to stone in the middle of a river or even taking off boots and following the path through a channel of very cold water ¬ whether in search of the best perspective of an old trunk fallen on the bank or simply to shorten the return to the car … with tripods on the back. This is the good memory I have of the last meeting with José Manuel, in this Northeast of Portugal where I live.”

Porto Photo Fest Director& Photography Teacher

Anna Gunn


“It is rare that you come across such a compassionate man such as Jose. I have had the pleasure to know Jose through photography and as a travel companion, he is as passionate about his country as he is about photography. I am in awe of his enormous patience and energy in following his photography passions and abilities to help those around him get what they need artistically. Oh and Jose knows all the best Portuguese deserts! You’re in the very best hands with Jose!”

Italian Documentary Photographer

Camilla Ferrari


“José’s has an infinite love and passion for his native place, and it shows beautifully in his photographs. I’m sure that, through his timid but determined eye, he will create images that surprise us.”

Nomad Photo Expedition Tour Leader & Award Winning Photographer

Harry Fisch


“Pictury Photo Tours was fantastic, it exceeded my expectations.
Jose Manuel has a deep knowledge and insight to the places we visited from a photographer’s point of view and was always willing and available to help the group.
The timing was perfect. His previous organization outstanding.
I can only recommend  Pictury Photo Tours in Portugal to any passionate photographer who wants to be in the right spot at the right time.
Thank You Jose Manuel. I will be there again next year!”

Travel Baboo Family Blog

Eric Stoen