A Solo Adventure Through the Sights, Sounds, and Sensations of the Vibrant City of Porto


As I stepped off the plane and into the crisp, portuguese air, I knew that my solo adventure was about to begin. I had always dreamed of traveling to Europe and exploring the beautiful, historic cities that I had only seen in pictures. And now, finally, I was in Porto, Portugal, ready to embark on my very own photo tour.

As I walked through the winding, cobblestone streets of Porto, my camera in hand, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe at the sheer beauty that surrounded me. The colorful, tiled buildings rose up around me, their intricate designs and patterns creating a feast for the eyes. The scent of freshly baked pastries and strong coffee wafted through the air, tempting me to stop at every corner and indulge in a sweet treat.


Looking to the cathedral


I had a mission

But I had a mission. I wanted to capture the essence of Porto, to freeze these moments in time so that I could relive them over and over again. And so I continued on, snapping pictures of the bustling markets, the lively street performers, and the serene river that flowed through the heart of the city.

As I wandered through the winding alleyways, I stumbled upon a small, tucked away courtyard. The sun was setting, casting a warm, golden glow over everything in sight. I felt a sense of peace wash over me as I took in the beauty of my surroundings, and I knew that this was the moment I had been waiting for.

With a deep breath, I raised my camera to my eye and began to snap away. I captured the delicate petals of the flowers that bloomed in the courtyard, the vibrant colors of the buildings that surrounded it, and the soft, warm light that bathed everything in its glow.


At São Bento Railway Station


Dialog with a stranger

But as I was about to pack up my camera and continue on my way, I heard a soft, gentle voice behind me.

“Excuse me,” the woman said, “do you mind if I take a look at your photos?”

I turned around to find a kind-looking woman with a warm smile on her face. Without hesitation, I showed her my pictures, and we began to chat about our travels and experiences.

As it turned out, she was an American woman who loved to travel alone, just like me. We spent the next few hours wandering through the streets of Porto together, taking pictures and sharing stories. We stopped at a small cafe and sipped on rich, velvety espresso while we watched the world go by. And as the night fell and the stars twinkled above us, we said our goodbyes, promising to stay in touch and perhaps even meet up again someday.


At Ribeira’s neighborhood


Full soul

As I made my way back to my hotel, my heart was filled with a sense of contentment that I had never experienced before. I had captured the beauty of Porto, and in doing so, I had found a kindred spirit, a fellow traveler who shared my love of adventure and exploration.

And as I fell asleep that night, the sounds of the city drifting through my open window, I knew that this was only the beginning of my solo travel journey. There were so many more cities to explore, so many more people to meet, and so many more memories to make. But for now, I was content to simply revel in the joy and beauty of Porto, and to cherish the newfound friendship that I had discovered there.



Tatyana Kimball





Thank you to José Manuel Santos, Pictury’s Photo Tours leader, to helped me to fall in love for the charming city of Porto.

Tatyana & José