Passeio Fotográfico Solidário no Porto
Passeio Fotográfico Solidário

Photographic Walk through the streets of Porto starting at 3 pm at Praça da Liberdade, next to the equestrian statue of D. Pedro IV.

We will (re) discover the charming city of Porto, with our photographic look or just curious, through streets full of history and full of details that enchant us and, sometimes, surprise us.

Among iconic locations and other lesser-known ones, we are going to go around this city and let ourselves be carried away by its charm, open-minded and, who knows, we may be surprised by some corner or nook that we do not yet know.

In the end, in addition to a handful of beautiful photos, let us go in peace with a comforted spirit that we have also contributed to helping those in need.

The number of registrations is limited and mandatory and the value is 2 € (+ 0.15 € referring to the costs of the registration management platform).

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The net proceeds from this event revert entirely to Operation Red Nose.


Organization and Tour Leader: José Manuel Santos