Pictury Photo tours
½ day, night, or 1 day // Terms and conditions

Payment, cancellations and refunds
1. All tours are booked until 72 hours before the date and prepaid. After your contact, we will respond to confirm availability and send payment details. The tours will be considered reserved upon receipt of payment. Payment is made by paypal or by kank transfer.

2. In case of cancellations received until 48h or more before the tour, we will refund the cost of the tour less an administrative fee of € 20. Sorry, we can not make refunds for tours that are canceled less than 48 hours before start.

3. Cancellations must be received by us in writing and sent by email to be valid.

4. In cases where Pictury Photo Tours is forced to cancel a photo tour that has been paid, we will give participants the option to redial to an available date, or we will proceed to full refund without retention of any fee.

Itinerary and weather conditions
5. Tours will be done in all weather conditions unless clearly dangerous, in which case participants may choose between redial a date or cancellation the reservation and full refund.

6. Pictury Photo Tours itinerarys are carried out on principle according to schedule. However, we are available to make adaptations suggested by participants, if possible. It may also be necessary to change the course according to weather conditions or other unforeseen factors. We will try to adjust the course as closely as possible to the scheduled itinerary.

7. The consumption of food and beverages, entrances and transportation, are not included in the price of the programs. Any consumption by the participant is their responsibility.

Participants of the photo tour
8. The photo tour is open to the participation of anyone even without a camera as long as it is registered and paid. You will have the same attention and accompaniment of us.

Cameras and other equipment
9. Pictury Photo Tours does not offer cameras or any other type of equipment during the tour, so it is the responsibility of each participant to take the necessary means to get the most out of the tour.

10. Participants should have appropriate insurance, such as travel insurance, which protects their equipment and other assets and safeguards them in the event of an accident or theft during the photo tour. Pictury Photo Tours is not liable for personal injury or damage and theft of the participant’s assets and equipment, or for damages or injuries caused by participants that may occur during a photo tour.

These terms and conditions
11. Payment of the Pictury Photo Tours Photo Tour constitutes acceptance by the participant of the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are applicable only in accordance with Portuguese Law.