Discover with us, on an unforgettable Photo Tour through the old and worn stones, this historical city covered with hand-painted tiles that make it one of the most charming cities in the world..
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Photo Tour 1 Day in Porto & 1 Day in Douro

A day filled of enchantment, charms and secrets that Porto & Douro has kept for you.

1/2 Day Porto Photo Tour

Discover Porto Best Kept Photo Secrets. SPECIAL PRICE until 55% OFF for families and small groups until 6 persons.
Half Day

1 Day Porto Photo Tour

A day filled of enchantment, charms and secrets that Porto has kept for you. Special Prices from 2 up 6 persons.
1 day

Weekend Porto Photo Tour

A vision of a deep, diverse, monumental and historic Porto city. Special Prices for 2 until 6 persons.


The secrets of Porto city, 3 times elected the best destination in Europe for travel.



The charms of Porto, Douro, and Northern Portugal as a photography artist.

Fall In Love

For Portugal, this small but beautiful country by the sea planted, elected the best tourist destination in the world.


Get Inspired

With the most beautiful and delicious moments to tell the world your story in Portugal.

What They Say About Pictury


Award-Winning Photographer, Writer, Public Speaker, Artist

Trey Ratcliff


“I had the distinct pleasure of visiting José in his hometown of Porto. He knows his town inside and out, and, even better, he knows it as a photographer” video

Award-Winning National Geographic / Time Magazine Photographer

John Stanmeyer


“Having working and know José, his passion and love for storytelling, his workshops are not to be missed, expanding each photographer in purposeful ways.”

Founder & Director of Photo Enrichment Adventures

Ralph Velasco


“I was very impressed with how José Manuel was able to get me in to meet and provide once-in-a-lifetime cultural interactions with the locals.”


The Opinion of Those Who Have Experienced

Guest Testimonials

Ineke Willeboordse


I spent two afternoons with José.
José’s love and passion for his city is contagious, its is a total delight to see Porto with him, whether you are old, young, a photographer or not, he is so dedicated to what he does that everybody will have a great time with him. Please do yourself a favor, book a tour with José and see magic unfold.

Rachel Garnick


I cannot begin to describe how wonderful this tour with Jose Manuel is! I loved every single minute. Jose is very passionate about photography, his beautiful city Porto, and is an incredible guide. It’s a great opportunity to see this magnificent place through his eyes. The views are stunning and many postcard moments! Highly highly recommend this tour.

Bob Cooper

Pictury Porto Photo Tour

Jose was a fantastic guide and tour leader. He is a pleasure to spend time with. Helped a lot with composition and other settings. I contacted him the day before to ask about catching sunrise and he had n problem adjusting the schedule for me. Picked me up early and we went to a great spot near the hotel. I spent two days with him and enjoyed it all.

Who is the Tour Leader

José Manuel Santos by Trey Ratcliff

Foto por Trey Ratcliff

José Manuel was born in Porto, a city he loves and breath since 1960. He has been a connoisseur of Portugal, who has been traveling by car or motorcycle since 1980 always with his cameras and video.

Photographer since 1987 when he had his first Canon EOS 650, is recognized for the beauty of the landscapes he captures and for the originality of his urban photos.

He photographed in Portugal with renowned international and national photographers. He participated in several exhibitions in Portugal and abroad and saw some of his works awarded and published in book.

He participated and organized several trips in Portugal and in other European countries.

Leader of the photo tours Hit The Streets Porto at Valérie Jardin, and from WorldWide Photowalk Porto Can’t Miss It of Scott Kelby.


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Porto Awards


Porto European Best Destination 2017

The choice of the winning city never has been so
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