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Who is this photo tour for?

To all those, Portuguese or foreigners, who wish to visit and get to know Porto in a more photographic and artistic environment, guided and supported by a professional photographer, Portuguese, native of the city, who has traveled through it for many years, always with a camera in his hand and in his hand. company of travel colleagues who share the same passion for photography and who have the desire to obtain and take with them the most beautiful images and moments that the city can offer.


We drove through the entire historic area, through the riverside tourist area, to the most hidden but charming streets. We will climb up to the most beautiful viewpoints and pass by the most important monuments and say goodbye on the Douro River.

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The meeting point will be at Praça da Liberdade in front of McDonald’s Imperial. We will visit S. Bento Station to appreciate its more than 20,000 hand painted tiles with excerpts from the history of Portugal. We will go up to the Cathedral through old but beautiful and colorful streets that keep some secrets. We cross the Luis I bridge through the upper deck, going up to the Serra do Pilar viewpoint to enjoy the magnificent views over the city and the river. We descend to the riverside area of ​​Gaia, cross the bridge through the lower deck and re-enter Porto. Arriving at the riverside area, we appreciate and register the always curious city movement. We will take the opportunity to take a refreshing break accompanied by a coffee or a refreshing drink.We enter the heart of Ribeira to discover true gems. We will return to the riverside to enjoy the beautiful facades facing the river. We will climb up to the Miradouro da Vitória and then conclude this Photographic Tour with the dazzling views over the historic center, the Luis I bridge and the ever present Douro river.

* This itinerary can be changed if the customer prefers another route through the city center.


75 € – 1 person
45 € – 2 people (price / person)
35 € – 3/6 people (price / person)

Duration: 1/2 day – 3h


  • 1 coffee or 1 tea or a cold drink
  • 20 edited photos that will be sent by email within 1 week

Personal care and weather conditions:

  • Porto and northern Portugal have a mild and temperate climate, but the nights can be cool and there is some chance of rain.
  • Bring what you think is necessary for dressing and personal hygiene, but in moderation.
  • Comfortable, light and cool clothing for the day and sweater and jacket for the nights. A lightweight raincoat can be useful. It is easy and cheap to buy an umbrella in Porto.
  • One or two pairs of very comfortable shoes is essential.
  • Um boné ou chapéu é importante para proteger do sol.

Equipamento fotográfico:

O que quiser para registar imagens.

Contudo uma boa câmara dslr ou mirrorless com uma objectiva zoom grande angular e uma zoom tele, garantem-lhe uma cobertura suficiente para todas as situações. Um bom tripé é essencial para fotografia nocturna ou condições de luz mais fraca.

  • Baterias suplentes e um suporte para backup, disco portátil, laptop (o que achar melhor) é muito importante.
  • Light socket adapter (preferably a universal model), for those coming from outside Europe.
  • Good mood and joy and willingness to have fun.
  • A smile receives many smiles in return.

Terms and Conditions
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