What and who is behind the creation of this project will surely be the first question that a traveler will ask and we will answer without filters.

We are a couple, an unbeatable duo, passionate about photography and traveling and one for the other. There is now an opportunity to make this passion a way of life and livelihood, so we must try.

We want to propose to those interested, not clients, but dream travelers, to join us in this odyssey with the certainty that we will do everything to make this visit to Porto and Portugal, magical. We know that the beauty and light of this city are unique, but the sharing and our sensitivity will surely make all the difference. What we would like to happen, would be that in a few years’ time and maybe after other tours and travels, when our eyes closed (we thought better of closed eyes), the tour or travel that You made with us was the first one to appear.

My husband is (as we say in portuguese) a “seven-sided” photographer, a kind and tireless leader and I try to be a “storyteller” always available to meet, laugh, talk and feel with new people.

So, we propose an intimate experience that pretend to be a celebration of photography and life. We promise that before the end you will start to miss all this and you will definitely want to return.

The invitation is made and we are waiting here anxiously to be able to show you a Porto city that is so much ours.

Somos apaixonados por Experiências Fotográficas

Pictury Photo Tours

José Manuel lives and breathes Porto, the city where he was born, sometime ago, in 1960.

He has travelled up and down Portugal both by car and on a motorbike since 1980 always with his camera in the bag, and is a deep connoisseur of his country. He has so many stories to tell, surely many more than his age. Talking about his main passion, I cannot because I’m me, but I can talk about what leads me to write these words, the one that gives you the motivation to change your life …

His passion for photography began with his first camera in 1987, a Canon EOS 650, when he first captured the beauty of Portuguese landscapes, and he is now known for his originality of his urban photography. José has had the privilege of photographing Portugal with renowned national and international photographers.

His work has been showcased in many exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, and has earned him the title of an award winning photographer who has also seen his works published. He has participated and organized several tours and trips in Portugal and in other European countries.

Pictury Presentation

Fótografo, turista, viajante, contador de histórias

José Manuel Santos


Photography was always present in his life and although it was not is profession, it was a food for the soul. Self-taught and profound scholar, has become a full-fledged photographer and his photographs “speak”. This is his project, that of a human being as beautiful as his images. The taste he has always had in giving pleasure and well-being to all those who have shared trips with him and who have lived beautiful moments with him, is moving. I am sure that it will be the feeling when You come to know this very noble and unconquered city of Porto and join in this new stage of creator of experiences.

Portugal and Porto in particular run in his blood, his eyes shine when he packs us with stories about this city, these people and this light so unique and so special.

He loves nothing more then to share his country and all that he has learned from the great masters of travel photography, Trey Ratcliff, Cradoc Bagshaw, Ralph Velasco and John Stanmeyer, to whom he introduced the city of Porto.

He speaks fluent Portuguese and English, and easily understands Spanish and French (and loves Italian).